Grab a Bag, but not of Candy!

Happy Halloween! I’m not one for “fashiony” blog posts, seeing as there are enough of those out there. But I couldn’t pass up this opportunity to share a little collaboration that a sustainably minded brand, Looptworks, and everyone’s favorite (?) airlines, Southwest, have been working on. Where is the contact point of these two seemingly perpendicular companies? Basically, Looptworks is an Oregon based company  – not surprisingly- which works with other companies to re purpose their materials. For example, in the past, Looptworks has made laptop cases from excess neoprene from the wetsuit industry, up-cycled polyester backpacks,  and ipad cases from excess belt leather. Now that Southwest Airlines, in an attempt to create lighter weight more fuel efficient aircraft, is replacing their seat covers, Looptworks has partnered with them to take all that leftover leather from the previous versions  and launch a collection of “weekend” (aka duffel) and tote bags.

LUV-Seat-Sales-SheetNow the great thing about these bags is that not only are they pretty darn sustainable, but they are also retain the same attributes we prized as disaster-proof seat covers. Heck, maybe one day you may even need to use it as a floating device.  Another great thing is Looptwork’s Loopt4Life guarantee, which, in an attempt to never contribute to landfills is the company’s lifetime warranty on all their products. So send them back for repairs, but please don’t throw them away.

Finally, these bags are rather exclusive, and once the material is used up, that’s it. So get one while you can, support something great, and know you are keeping your earth and those around you healthy. Strange to talk about health on Halloween…Muhahahaha!

Also, check out the video to get a better vision for the product and the company:

Project LUV Seat – Repurpose with Purpose from Looptworks on Vimeo.


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