The Problem with Reality

The analytic relies on the concrete physicality of existence, taking comfort in what can be tangibly experienced and conducted through the human senses of sight, touch, sound and taste. To the analytic, the ideas of metaphysics lies laughably beyond the realms of true logic and physical reasoning. Yet one could consider, and rather should consider plausibility beyond the comfortable personality of physical deductions. What do I mean? Let us consider the basis for our knowledge of the world around us. We consider reality with a predisposed consciousness. A consciousness molded through the innate conditioning of individual existence, conditioning by way of culture and those sub-societies therein, as well as through religion, nurture and personal nature. Thus the concept of “what is”, such as the beauty of a color or image, or the terming of “disgusting” or “delicious”, relies heavily on these innate biases within the human “being”. And so we can say that even what should be concrete and physical is not entirely so. What I mean by this is simple enough, but massively complex in nature. The innate biases of an individual acts as a lens through which they might contact reality. Each human’s unique variances heightens their sensitivities in different directions and to different degrees. What one person might notice, another may not simply due to their own personal contexts.

So where I am going with this is simply to illustrate that even though we may see something, hear something, smell or taste something, all that we physically process is also processed in a metaphysical way. Our unconsciousness is activated whether it be through the olfactory, or past experiences which have left deep residues in the unconsciousness of our minds. And this affects how we process the physical world. It is a link between the physical and the non physical, things we can seemingly explain and things that seem insurmountable to explain. It adds complexity to the nature of the world and realities as a whole. It confuses the accuracy of separating the physical from the abstract.


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