“Flawless” Feminism: Unpacking The Beyoncé Brand Of Feminism

As feminism is an extremely fashionable topic these days, I find this facet of observation intriguing. I think it brings up some issues I definitely take with Beyonce and other celebrity “artists” claiming to support and encourage the female movement. They’re influence is so often pervasive and their motivation as well as communication of ideas, unquestioned and qualified by their popularity. Take a read.

Thought Catalog

While Beyoncé has always been a fixture of fabulosity, it wasn’t until her latest album that I was sold. Okay, obsessed. More specifically, obsessed with her video “Flawless.” In it, Beyoncé is immaculate. Her blonde wavy locks are effortlessly tousled in a state of post-sex frenzy. Her plaid shirt is buttoned to the top button, a thick gold chain hangs over her collar, and her ripped jean shorts seem to transition solely to black mesh somewhere along the path to her exquisite derriere. Her lips are dark, her eyebrows are perfectly arched and her skin is, well, flawless. She is the embodiment of physical perfection. But the video portrays more than just another pretty face. Beyoncé’s eyes pierce the camera defiantly, her ratchet Houston side seems to surface and she widens her perfectly toned legs to the music video equivalent of a power stance. And don’t get me started on…

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