The Sound of Color

The connection between sound and color and their relationship with beauty is an impressive concept. While I was in  Europe this spring, studying philosophy, I was introduced to the expansive concept that beauty correlations intertwined many feilds of thought and theory, such as math, art, language, and the subconcious senses. While beauty is not always visible in a certain field, it’s visual beauty can be revealed through other forms of articulation, for example; math and structural design, or sound and color. Beauty and image is translatable from forum to forum. This TED talk gives an example of this, through the eyes and ears of a 100% color blind man who has developed a way to hear color. It is also interesting and realizable that while beauty may be present in one forum, it is lacking in another.  For example an ugly image may portray a beautiful concept, such as redemption and etc. Here Neil Harbisson relates how beautiful sound does not always go along with a pretty color combinations. Take a look:


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