Hipsters are Taking over the Mainstream?

IMG_2369 I found this “hipster emporium” during a routine lunch run to  Road Kill Grill while in Las Vegas.  I didn’t have the time to check out the racks, but I found the marketing to be somewhat ironic. In retrospect it would have been nice to see what the mainstream-corp eye might define hipster as, and so the “hipster” study continues.


Note: Road Kill Grill is the best barbecue pulled pork I have ever had, definitely a “need to eat”.


6 thoughts on “Hipsters are Taking over the Mainstream?”

    1. I can believe that. We actually stumbled upon this place when taking a wrong turn into the parking lot. I jumped out and took a quick shot while my friends circled the lot, but was a bit too hypnotized by the concept of a hipster-specific emporium to notice much else. What’s the name of the coffee shop? Any good?

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