RACISM: And the Self

Racism is one of those tricky little guys that seems, in a world where globalization and culture mixing is inherent in pretty much every country, to no longer make any sense as to why it exists. To a certain extent you can thank racial entitlement and supremacy complexes for the unifying/globalizing/race-mixing(the era of colonialism and slave trade, anyone? So who knows, maybe those mentalities which encouraged racism in the past is what will actually bring about it’s demise in the end) But anymore, racism, and the practice of it is simply a joke. Yet the original (and still the current) reasoning, and really it is a subconscious reasoning, for racial strata seems to be a bit un-thought out in contemporary discussions. In a Charles Taylor paraphrase: It’s not the skin color that really causes disrespect, but the claim that certain crucial moral properties are genetically determined, ie. some races are less intelligent or less capable of higher moral intelligence. Skin color is secondary, more of a physical identifier or useful persecuting tool, but not the actual trait which causes the debasing of a person. Thus the whole logic of the debate takes intrinsic description seriously. By intrinsic we mean the actual “self” of a person. As horrible as it sounds, one beautiful thing about evil behavior and thoughts towards others is that it actually takes metaphysics seriously, acknowledging our inner beings, and in a way, is more humanizing then our dehumanizing era of science, technology and modernity. I don’t think we talk or think about racism the right way anymore partially because we don’t know how to talk or think about our “selves” anymore. Racism has morphed a little from it’s original encounter and I’m not sure anyone on the giving or receiving end really understands it’s inherent elements enough to make lasting social/global changes. How can we solve collective cultural issues if modern ways of human theory continue to eliminate elements of the “self”. The “Self” of a person is what evil/negative interaction latches on to, both on the receiving and conducting end, and if we don’t believe that that metaphysical/spiritual part of the human exists anymore than we risk blinding ourselves to the real antidote of our social/cultural issues. Racism is just one example.


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