Sustainable fashion: The Plural Shirt

Is this a step forward for the monster known as fashion industry? I think in some ways, it may be, but until we get info out to the consumer, we’ll never know. So read up, my friends; it’s short so you can spare the 30 seconds.


Sustainable fashion: The Plural Shirt

The construction of the identity of every fashion piece is also given by the way it has been produced. Industrial fabrication allows to buy cheap clothes, that we can change every season, but pollutes our enviroment, and often doesn’t bring a fair income to the fabric workers.

Handmade fashion tries to counteract these tendencies, defining strategies to establish a social investment in the production mode, or avoiding industrial production ways focussing local handmade production forms.
This aspect promotes a diferent identity to our clothes, changing the way every piece is constructed and giving social value to what we wear. Even if it’s sometimes dificult to make every dress a completely sustainable garment (because that requires a bigger financial investment, over all for small enterprises) we can start it in one aspect.

Here is an example: The PLURAL Shirt is base on three diferent main producers: The current industry that provided…

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