Packaging: The recycled way of doing it! Embalagem: O jeito reciclado de fazê-lo!

Also makes for very unique and eye catching packaging. It’s funny how alternative packaging and up-cycled wares draw the eye more than the generic.



Introducing sustainability in the way of packaging our fashion is able to present to the costumer our brand responsability before he has in hands what he in fact ordered. Diferent packaging forms can be used to create new ways of recycle packing, the limits are being set by your creativity! Modified PET bottles, nettings that we find normally for fruit and vegetable packaging, plastic bags that we change in some details, etc.

Here we present one of our current solutions: A paperboard tube, normally used for transporting documents, maps or diplomas. It’s a little more dificult to recycle it, but nothing’s impossible! The basic model is refreshed with a cut that allows to visibilize the fashions print. A sticker with the name of the brand decorates the tamp, and a brands tag hangs loose on the outside!

We like this low cost and recycled solution of packaging! What do…

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