The Artistic Expression

It’s impossible to explain the beauty of seeing your thoughts and ideas laid out before you and before an audience in a form so obtrusively physical. People are seeing it, wearing it, touching it, talking about it, and discussing it. In fact, they WANT to look at it.  How can I convey the freedom to which art gives it’s creator? For me it is an idea, thought, or emotion, which either is so barely there that I must capture it physically before it eludes me forever, or it dogs me constantly until I put it away into my piece of art. That is the freedom of artistic expression. It is the freedom of control over ones own emotions and thoughts… it is the freedom from mental chaos. It is like a catalog of my mind and all the ideas I’ve collected or developed over time put into physical and unadulterated creation. I can touch it, see it, or even smell it in order that I may never forget where I have been or how I have become who I am. I can reference it in future work and perhaps even discover new concepts for new ideas. More than anything, art form is the map to discovering my own mind.It is the taking of something intangible and trying to explain it.  And it doesn’t fade away like a whisper in the dark.

A year and a half ago I began developing an idea for my senior collection as a fashion design student. I thought-up and scrapped multitudes of concepts until I touched on the most involved inspiration I could come up with. The female body in all aspects. Social/historical, anatomical, biological and emotional. How to incorporate all these parts into a cohesive whole was the most difficult process. What was that connective tissue. Eventually I struck upon a formula: Silhouette would be inspired by the social with actual garment types inspired by history; color and fabrication would be inspired by anatomy and biology. But emotion? Emotion would be the whole; all the parts combined. How did I feel about my own body and what caused such feelings? As a woman I felt connected to the long line of women who came before me or as contemporaries. We were connected by our bodies, driven to feel about ourselves based on societal, historical, and physical fixations. So in order to express a mood or feeling connected with the female body I had to combine all other aspects respectively. These were the results:Image




What you take away from these is completely up to you. Forget trying to discover my opinions on the topics which inspired this collection or the feelings I experienced while designing it. What do these designs say to you? How do they make you feel? Even though I am apt to force feed my audience, I must humbly relinquish all analysis and criticism to the viewer. After all, it is that last bit of ambiguity that gives art its ability to touch people so universally.


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